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If you ever wanted to take charge of your God-given right to prosper with your own business online...then read every word of this special letter because it will be the most exciting message you ever read.
Here's why:
It's fair to guess you’re still a victim of the "Internet Marketing Game". .

You fall for every new “shiny object” that hits the marketplace because you can’t get over the fact you are still in search of those push-button riches. . .

It almost seems as if it is a continuous cycle because you keep going right back to square one, and because you keep spending money, you are broker than you were before.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

I’ll be willing to bet that it does, and truth be told, most Internet Marketers are trapped within this cycle and just don’t know how to get out.

I really don’t like being the bearer of bad news, but believe me when I tell you. . .



"There is NO SUCH THING as overnight riches!"



Trust me, I know that for a fact because not only can I relate to you 100%, but also, I had to find out the hard way.


From: Doug Barger






To: Victims of the “Shiny Object Syndrome”


I must admit, when I first got started online, it was almost as if I was shooting in the dark.

I kept jumping around from product to product and expecting results every time I spent my hard earned, day job money.

Eventually, I ended up spending THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of dollars on investments that never got me the results that I was after.


After so much failure, things were getting so overwhelming for me and because I was only wasting money:



"I just wanted to GIVE UP!"



But before I really decided to call it quits, I wanted to exhaust my efforts, so I continued my quest to make money online.

Only difference is this time, I made a wise decision to reach out to someone who was seeing success online to get the inside scoop on exactly how things worked in Internet Marketing.

At that point, I must say that I tried everything online, and reaching out to someone for help and direction is the one thing that I never did.

Because of all the products that I’ve purchased in the past, I didn’t think I could really trust anyone because it seemed as if they were all out to get my money.

However, I still decided to move forward, and it was a completely different story.

Needless to say, that was the best decision that I have ever made for myself, because I no longer was just wingin' it.

Instead, I had a set plan of action of exactly what I needed to move forward to finally become a successful Internet Marketer.


The most important factor was the shift in my mindset that took place.


No longer was I the guy running around throwing money away on various different products.

I then took on the proper mindset of an Internet Marketer and became the guy who started putting out the products.

It was a breath of fresh air to me because I finally cracked the Internet Marketing code, and I want to help you do the same.


Introducing... Get Paid Next Level



Next Level Get Paid Coaching


"Here’s How It Works:


In a nutshell, Get Paid Next Level is a series of 30 daily coaching emails that holds you by the hand and walks you through each and every step to take you from zero to hero in Internet Marketing.

Each day you get an assignment from product research to outlining your new product.

Setting up download pages to uploading your offer to JVZoo.

Launch day mechanics for maximum profits and attracting affiliates!

Plus, it also comes with a list of recommended resources that you will need to create the foundation of your Internet Marketing business which will allow you to successfully:


Create your first product online to sell


Finally go from product buyer to product seller


Create $100+ paydays on demand marketing to your list


Attract affiliates hungry to promote your offers.


The great thing about these resources is that they are simple to get set up and running,

This being said, it doesn’t matter if you have some experience with Internet Marketing, or if you are a complete newbie, this will all be a breeze.

With these resources, you will be a step ahead of those who don’t have them, and you will be on the right path to having a sustainable and profitable Internet Marketing business.


"Here Is A Quick Recap of What You Will Get:



30 daily coaching emails that will take you from point A - Z on how to properly:


Create a product.

Get traffic to it.

Generate sales within the marketplace.




A list of recommended resources that you will need to properly:

Set up your business.

Build your buyer list.

Promote to your list.

Find affiliates ready and willing to promote for you.


Listen, the only thing that separates you from someone who is successful online is what they know!

We don't know what we don't know. 


"There is NO SECRET to making money online!"


It is just a puzzle that needs to have all the pieces in the right places in order for it to work and now it is all before you at your own convenience. 


Today, I am offering you everything that you need to finally start to see the success online you’ve been desperately chasing.

I’m sure you’re wondering what it might cost to get your hands on coaching this valuable. 

Many marketers would charge you THOUSANDS up front for everything you have the opportunity to access today.

On top of that, some even charge high monthly fees!

However, helping other people succeed as much as possible is my passion in business, and because of that, you will not have to pay that much to get access. I have systemized all the steps you need with delivery of the coaching lessons via autoresponder email to keep costs as low as possible for you. 

Instead, you can get full access for just a one time investment of:

$497 $97.  

Next Level Get Paid Coaching

To put you at ease with this price and because I am absolutely certain that it will change your life, I will even throw in a

90-Day Money Back Guarantee.

At any time during the 90 days, if you feel that things are not working in your favor or if I did not deliver to you what I promised, I will refund you all of your money.

All I ask is that you provide me with tangible evidence of putting this to work for you.

You see, opportunity is a wonderful thing, but only when you take advantage of it.

If there is one fact that I know about opportunity is that it loves speed, which is why you should always let it in when it knocks, because it may never knock again.


Now is your chance. . . will you open the door?

Yes, You will click the Buy Now button below now!


Next Level Get Paid Coaching


To your automated coaching funnel,





Best Wishes,

Doug Barger




P.S. Another thing I enjoy is helping marketers, like yourself, make informed buying decisions. I believe both your time and money are very precious and should not be wasted, and I am sure you believe this as well.

For that main purpose, do NOT think of this as a payment to me, but rather, as an investment in yourself and your business.

Because of the value delivered to you, that's what it is!



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Next Level Get Paid Coaching





P.P.S . . .If you haven't secured your coaching access yet, just as fair warning, I can't guarantee this special pricing forever. Every day you procrastinate on the necessary steps it takes to build your business is another 24 hours down the drain and keeps you away from your online business goal. How's that working for you?

P.P.P.S. Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to have all the steps laid out for you to make this dream of your own business a reality

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